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“Music is the art of the prophets,
the only art,
which can soothe the turmoil in one's soul;
it belongs to the most splendid
and most precious gifts,
God has given us.”

                                     Martin Luther

“Everything is transient,
only God’s word is eternal – and God’s word reveals itself
in the creations of a genius.”


“I know very well,
that God is closer to me
in my art than to the others,
I treat Him without fear,
I have recognised Him each time,
and I have understood Him.”


“Only divine art,
only there are the levers
which give me strength,
to sacrifice the best part of my life
to the heavenly muses.”


“Thus, art always replaces divinity,
and human relation to it
is religion.”


“Are there not moments,
when you would almost like to believe
a superior being guided his pen.”

                                 Bruno Walter (über Mozart)

“Music is religion for those people
who have a pure heart.”

                                     K. Peltzer

„Music is the language of angels.“

                                     Thomas Carlyle








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C L A S S I C   L I F E