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Peter Hübner - Hymns of the Planets
Peter Hübner - Hymns of the Planets
from: Peter Hübner’s Opera "Song of Life"
Musical Epos in three Acts
Hymns of the Night

A huge, branching, complex scaffold whose many layers linked by ladders, _bridges and dangerous paths as well as ravines and other obstacles seem to be laboriously organised.

People, animals and machines are incessantly busy repairing, improving, as well as sabotaging and destroying this enormous tangle compressed of many different kinds of material.

On the inside of this world-scaffold we can see the manifold structure of the human existence, in its tragedy and in its greatness. Before our eyes we see a world of what will be and what was: the world as “yesterday” – ”today”– “tomorrow”, human growth, human degeneration – incorporating individuals, families and whole tribal groups.

Here, one person is living in the Stone Age, his neighbour in the heyday of religious and philosophical striving, a third is devoting himself entirely to romanticism based on technology and its dependent ideology. Some are beginning to turn towards life’s natu­ral laws of harmony.

Here, the human mind and human deeds are shown in parallel to human impotence and failure.

This scene captures all that mankind, in the time of darkness, risked his life for, worked and strived for; here, man reveals his utmost ignorance of the meaning of life: all captured in the display of everyday life in that world.

Here, however, one can already see the awakening of those natural powers which strengthen man’s harmony within him­self and with his en­vi­ron­ment.

And the entire events are maintained, checked and corrected during the change: ennobled, by a computer standing in the centre, the seemingly most effective mind of that time.

Almost everybody is serving to increase its technical perfection, they trust its infor-mation and follow its instructions.

Peter Hübner - Modern Times Symphony

Peter Hübner - Passions

Peter Hübner - Political Bedtime Prayer

Peter Hübner - Signs of Time

The computer is standing, eternally composed, in the path of the hustle and bustle of this colourless world: it delivers results, it knows nothing of sickness, death and pain, it doesn’t complain, doesn’t smile and is factual, fast, precise, special and universal; – it is all encompassing.

And they all have one thing in common: they are trying.

Hymns of the Thunderstorm

n the middle of these events, the breath of life appears on the square – it approaches the computer and blows it aside.

Frozen with horror and dismay the people watch this unbelievable event from the scaffold.

Within seconds the scaffold becomes rotten and brittle. The confused humans flee from their world and await the end of their world.
With a thundering, immensely lib­er­at­ing noise, the scaffold collapses.

From beneath the rubble, like a victory sign out of the si­lence, an an­cient tree juts out.

Hymns of the Day

High above the tree appears – as if floating in the atmosphere – a vision; one can see ancient, familiar relations: the figures of conscience, of imagi­na­tion, of free will as well as feel­ings and mind.

On the left side – high above, far in the background – one can recognise the mighty figures of conscience bathed in golden light and richly adorned.

Peter Hübner - Hymns of the Sun

Opposite them – on the right hand side one can see the wise figures of free will, clothed in silver.

In the middle, between the figures of conscience and free will, stands the creative figure of imagination.

Somewhat lower, again on the left side, one sees the capable figures of feeling and understanding mind with long, light coloured robes and with a crown of light above their heads.

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